Lake Lansing 9/4/2015

We had a chance to fish with Chris today, a freshmen from MSU, on Lake Lansing.  Chris is not only a super accomplished archer, but a darn good bass fisherman.  Chris and Micah lit them up.  I was cold.  We ended up catching around 13 keepers in around 3 hours.  I did catch the big fish of the day on a jig - it would probably have been a 5 if it were healthy.  My guess is that it only weighed 3.5 lbs.  Most fish were caught on a Senko and Centipede.  The Okuma 6'9" M+ TCS Dock Flipping/Wacky Rig Rod paired with a Helios 30 HX Reel put most of the hurt on fish.  I did catch 2 fish on a jig.

Joe TestaComment