Product Highlights from this Summer: Charlie Brewer 3" Slider Grub

I picked up one bag of these plastics a couple of years ago from Cabela's thinking that they might do a really good job of imitating a wiggler (mayfly larvae).  The first time I used them they were lights out.  A friend of mine started to call them the Houghton Hammertail.  The more I used them, the more they produced.  Not just walleyes, but really everything - crappies, big bluegills, small and largemouth bass, northern name it, they caught it.  But with walleyes, they were like magic.  Since then I've tried several different colors and found many to be top producers.  Our favorite colors are green pumpkin, watermelon, watermelon with red, gold, and black flake, and pumpkin black flake.

Like all the partnerships I've pursued, I went after Charlie Brewer because I just found these plastics to work so well - especially when the fishing was tough.  They came through again this year in our time on Houghton and Leelanau in May and Leelanau again in August.  I know they will do awesome this fall.  We fish them with a jighead (sometimes lead, sometimes tungsten) in and 1/8 to 1/4 oz sizes.  Sometimes we go with a painted head and sometimes just a leadhead or unpainted tungsten works best.

Charlie Brewer has been giving me the product so that I can give it away to clients and many of my clients and friends are hooked on these plastics as well.  You would do yourself a favor to go to and order a couple packs of each just to try them.  And then after you run out in the middle of a hot bite and find that nothing else is working quite as well, you'll stock up.  Charlie and his company are great people to work with as well!

Joe TestaComment