Product Highlights from Summer 2015: Okuma C3-40X 6'10" Light spinning rod/Helios HX-30 spinning reel

I would argue that this might be the best combo out there for the quality and the price.  We fished a ton with these rods and put the rods in all of our clients' hands.  Everyone agreed:  super lightweight, super sensitive, yet powerful enough to drive the hook home and land big fish.  We snap jigged for walleyes and thought the rods were incredible.  We drop shot fished for big smallmouth and largemouth bass and thought the rods were awesome.  You have to try one for yourself.  You won't believe how light this set up is: the rods only weigh 10.6 oz. for both the rod and the reel - so light you can fish it all day without fatigue.

Here's the downside - Okuma discontinued this specific rod!  I would love to petition them to begin production of it again!  Even though you might not be able to find this model, the 6'9 ML is phenomenal as well as the 7' ML model (just as light and has all the same benefits - it's just a little longer).  You can see more at  I had a number of clients already move on these rods and reels, and they love fishing them.

Another huge plus - Okuma stands behind their products.  We accidentally broke the tip on a rod and for $20 they shipped us a new rod.  Excellent customer service!

Joe TestaComment