Detroit River: Timing is everything

We decided to try the Detroit River one more time this year, and it paid off.  We only got 6 bites, but they were all good ones.  Ended up catching a 23.5", 27", 27", and a 29".  We released the 29".  The Garmin's were spot on with side imaging playing a significant role in locating rock/sand transitions.  The GPS on my Garmin's was super helpful as we punched waypts for every fish we caught.  Micah caught one casting a jig (the fish choked the bait).  Charlie Brewer Sliders (pumpkin black flake), Lunker City Fin S minnows (Blue shad), Old Fart Lures Detroit River jig heads - blue was the hot color, citrus shad second (1 oz - amazing quality - could go the whole day with paint in tact, even after and entire day of banging rock).  Just purchased Okuma's Helios Spinning Rods for the River - MH 7' were perfect for jigging 1 oz weight.  Lastly, never skimp on your connection between your rod/reel and your lure - your line has a huge impact on whether you catch and land fish.  Gamma makes the best - we used both their Torque (10lb/3lb) which is their line of braid and their fluoro called Edge (prefer 8lb). Learned a lot on the water today!