Memorial Day Fishing - Houghton


I had the opportunity to fish with my brother in-law Mike on Houghton today. We wanted to target eyes but ended up catching 10-1 pike. Houghton is known for the HUGE populations of fish and today we experienced A LOT of pike (20+)! Between the two of use we got bit off 10 times! Annoying as it may be we still had lots of fun hauling in pike after pike (kicking myself for not taking more pics). We did get a couple eyes, crappie, LM bass, and lots of rock bass all on Sliders. We only fished till noon and I'd say we had a lot of action. Water temp held around 70-71 deg. Something to note: today is the first day we started seeing mayfly exoskeletons on the surface of the water... which can supposedly make the bite tough in the next week or so. In years past it hasn't seemed to hinder the action too much. 

- Andy

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