Reeds Lake Bass!

Oh man I am excited! I can't believe I have never fished Reeds Lake before in my own home town. What a great fishery for LM Bass! My dad and I fished for a few hours this afternoon trying to target bass with a goal of learning a new fishery. We caught a couple 2.5 lbers right away (first cast for my dad) on Sliders in 6 fow, then had a tough time as we jumped from spot to spot. The weeds were thick! The pleasure boaters finally chilled out later in the evening and the lake laid down like glass. That's when we busted out the top water! Top water bass fishing is just about as good as it gets in my opinion! We did really well. The biggest was right around 4 and we caught plenty of 3 lbers, and also missed some lunkers right at the boat! Water temp was 76° and we saw pan fish everywhere. I am excited to learn Reeds more and more in the near future. 

- Andy

Joe Testa1 Comment