Houghton Lake's fishing is on fire!

Typical May action on Houghton Lake! Water temps started out at 52 and ended at 57.  Fishing was awesome.  Had my good friend, John and his son, Cameron on the water today.  We caught 6 legal walleyes (released over 15 short fish - good to see such a healthy fishery).  Smallies and largemouth were hot again.  CPR'd over 50.  Got onto the crappies so good, you would catch a fish on every cast.  Crappie up to 14".  Released a lot of fish. Kept 21 and a couple nice bluegills.  All fish caught on plastics (Charlie Brewer Slider Grubs 3") and Old Fart Lures Walleye jig heads - 1/8oz was key today.  Fish wanted a slow fall rate.  Such a fun fishery!

Joe TestaComment