Pre spawn Blues and Crappie Bliss

Took part of yesterday afternoon to fish a lake in southern Michigan.  Water temps were perfect - 59 degrees.  But the bass were off! We started after fish on their beds, but everything was so still that the fish were super skiddish.  So we started to work different areas of the lake for bass.  Saw giant fish - lots of 5+ pound largemouth - couldn't coax them into doing anything.  Caught a couple northerns and then found a pile of crappies.  Ended up with an estimated 75ish fish.  All nice fish ranging from 8-15".  All caught and released.  Here was the key:  super slow drop rate.  I had a 1/16 oz jighead and my son had a 1/64 oz.  He caught 4 to 1 on that lighter jig (why I didn't change sooner is beyond me!).  The slider comes through huge again (you need to buy a bunch of these - they work on everything - walleyes, crappies, bass, northerns, blugills - seriously - go to and order 3" slider grubs in watermelon red/black/gold flake, pumpkin black flake, green pumpkin - you won't regret doing it!).  Also caught 'em on a tiny Rapala that's marketed for panfish - each hit felt like they crushed it.

What's up with the bass?  I don't know - but my theory is that with all the ups and downs with weather this spring - the fish are all screwed up in their brains.  Really need some consistent weather!

Joe TestaComment