Pre Fishing for Saturdays Tournament on Gun Lake

Took two students from GRCHS out fishing on Gun Lake Thursday evening. Our goal for pre-fishing our upcoming tournament was to eliminate water since the lake is new to us. Gun Lake is one of those lakes that I have wanted to fish for a long time. It is a big lake and a lot of shallow water. I have heard that it is an awesome fishery and on the other hand have heard that there are no fish in the lake at all.

We were seeing bass everywhere in the shallows with water temps in the perfect spawning conditions (62 deg). It was a finicky bite but we still caught a lot. Slow fall was key. The fish would spook really easily and would not bite if we were right on top of them so sight fishing didn't work too well. We mostly threw soft plastics (wacky, trick worm, one weird purple/white stripe pre-rigged worm, and of course sliders). Not only did we catch a lot of bass on the beds but also caught a lot of different species. The best five LM bass at right around 10 - 12 lbs. 

Joe TestaComment