Fishing in the Snow on Houghton Lake?!

We fished on Sunday, May 17 on Houghton Lake with our good friend and guide client, Matt.  Matt has caught his personal best Smallmouth (20.5") and Northern (32" - probably an 8lb fish) on our boat this year, so he figured he'd catch his personal best walleye today!  Matt put a clinic on in the boat today. We found fish up on the windblown shore in 2-4' of water.  He got into a rhythm where he caught a 23.5" eye, a 19.5" eye, a nice pike and a hefty Smallie all in consecutive casts. 

Day started out with blinding snow.  Never imagined not being able to see out my windshield because of slush accumulation, but that was the case today.  Weather was harsh, but the fishing was awesome!  We kept 34 crappies - some beautiful fish.  Caught and released a ton of nice Smallies.  We caught 7 legal walleyes - and threw back a bunch of shorts.

Key today was being warm and using the lightest jighead possible (Old Fart Lures makes a great jighead).  Today 3/16 oz jigheads were the ticket.  Charlie Brewer sliders continue to amaze us at their effectiveness on everything that swims!  You really need to give these a try if you haven't.  More to come from a two date trip after we finish tomorrow.

Also, super impressed with our accommodations at the Crest Resort.  Every time we visit, Becky and Cary have done something to upgrade their resort, making it even better for families and fishermen!

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