Fishing in Wind on Houghton Lake (at least we didn't get snowed on again!)

We finished the second day (May 16) of guided fishing on Houghton Lake with some great walleye fishing.  Our game plan was to reposition ourselves around the lake where we could be able to successfully stand up in the boat.  

Water temps were around 50 degrees.  We were far more interested in catching walleyes today and we ended up with 9 legals.  Micah got his limit (great fisherman at 13 years old - all caught jigging plastics).  The story of this spring for us has been dropspeed and so the weight of the jighead has made all the difference.  The other key for the way we jig is our line.  We prefer Gamma Edge fluorocarbon in the 8lb test class.  This line has proven itself time and time again to be super sensitive (bite feels like you're using braid), with the added bonus of a little stretch when you get a fish that just grabs the jig.  Our line is a critical component of our system.

Matt had his daughter and one of his son in laws out with him this afternoon - everyone caught fish and had a great time.  I still have spaces open in May and fishing is going to break loose with this warm weather forecasted!  Go to for more info!