Multispecies Madness on Houghton Lake

Had the chance to take out a friend of a friend (and now a friend of ours), Bill.  He is an expert fisherman, so all we had to do was put him close to fish and the rest was easy.  Our goal was to catch walleyes, crappies, bull bluegills, and smallies - and we accomplished our goal.

We ended up with lots of walleyes (only 6 legals), plenty of crappie for a fish fry (my guess is we kept close to 30), a handful of big bluegills, and some beautiful smallmouth bass.  Water temps started at around 58 and ended at 62.  We had a flat calm day and could actually see the bluegills stick their backs out of the water.

All fish were either caught on plastics (thanks Charlie Brewer for the sliders!, a Rapala rippin rap or ultra light crankbait,  a piece of nightcrawler (for the gills), or a bobber and floating spider.  What an incredible day - another tremendous memory from Houghton Lake!