Houghton Guide Trip June 12

Catching up on a couple of fishing reports.  Fished with Matt, Mary, and Kyle.  Tough bite!  Guy at the gas station said that the second major mayfly hatch was coming off.  Combine that with a cold front and fierce wind and you have a recipe for a tough day on the water.  But we made the most of it - we ended up with about 10 walleyes - 3 legal fish.  The walleyes were just grabbing the baits - we lost a lot of fish that we could see that just came unpinned.  The highlight of the day was getting into a pile of big bluegills (we had leeches available to target these brutes!).  We kept 30 - biggest on the scale was a 10.5" behemoth that Mary caught.  We also caught a bunch of northerns and bass.

Sometimes the tougher days allow you to refine approaches and bear down to catch fish.  That was what this day was like!  Water temp was 68-70 (dropped from the week before from 80 to 68).

Joe TestaComment