Learning a new lake - 6/7

When you set out to learn a new body of water, it's probably not the best idea to go and fish it right after a cold front moves through.  In an ideal world, we would fish only on the most beautiful calm days and the fish would just jump in the boat.  But we live far from ideal and you fish when you have the chance.  So I got a chance to spend the evening with my good friend and fishing partners, Andy and Micah.  We fished a new lake that has a lot of potential.  The lake is gin clear and receives a lot of fishing pressure.  

We were targeting walleyes, but never had a fish with translucent eyes come to the boat (I think walleyes on this body of water are caught at night).  We did end up catching a lot of fish - largemouth, northerns, rock bass, and perch.  The highlight of the evening was catching 2 big perch on jerkbaits (12-13" - both released).  We probably caught and released 30 + bass - nothing huge - of the 30 we probably had 5 or so that were legal fish.  The Rapala Shadow Rap Deep came through big time for us, along with Charlie Brewer Slider's 3" grub on an Old Fart Lure jig head (1/4oz).

Had a great time fishing together and plan to fish this lake more in the future!

Joe TestaComment