Tough Conditions on Leelanau - Still Catching Walleye

I had the opportunity to take Steve and Corinne out on Leelanau Friday morning. The wind was dead calm and we had a blue bird sky. The fish were not easy to entice. Still, we all caught fish. We had a great time on the water and despite the really tough conditions we managed to stay positive the entire time. We caught 4 walleye (one lost at the boat), smallie, and rock bass. We had a loon chasing our jigs as it swam under our boat back and forth, we saw 4 fighter jets fly low over the lake (so awesome), and had a duck almost land in our boat... Strange. Something to note; water temps ranged from 70° to 73° and we were still seeing small mouth in 3 to 5 feet of water. Usually this time of year they have already transitioned mid lake structure with surrounding deep water. Steve had a 4-5 lber follow his jerk bait in twice but didn't strike. The walleye still have plenty to eat right now so they are a little picky. So blessed to meet people like Steve and Corinne! 

Joe TestaComment