Cedar Lake Guide Trip

Today was an adventure! Caught a lot of fish on a new lake but my motor stopped working today... We chose to have a good attitude about it, I guess that comes with owning a boat. We began by targeting pike and Bill caught one decent one on the second cast, then we found out the large mouth were crushing everything, jerk bait (shadow rap deep perch was hot), Sliders, spinner bait. Most of the fish came off the drop off from 3'-15' and on a big weed flat around 10'. We caught 20+ bass (biggest only 2-2.5 lb), rock bass, and pike. I am really impressed with my new Okuma Dead Eye jigging rods and Ceymar reels (light weight, affordable and hardy). Our time was cut short messing with the motor but we managed to learn a new lake that has a lot of potential for big pike! The water temp hovered right around 69° and the water was a beautiful aqua Caribbean color! Time to fix my motor!

- Andy

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