Lake George Guide Trip

We had a blast fishing with Dale and his son, Josh.  Great men and great fishermen.  Bite honestly is still a little fuzzy.  We did better last night than we did this morning - although we caught good fish both times out.  Josh pounded a big largemouth last night on a hump on a jerkbait.  This morning, the big fish was a smallmouth that crushed Dale's jerkbait and then jumped and spit the bait.  

Water is still around 69-70 degrees.  The bigger smallmouth aren't stacked up on the off shore humps yet.  Did better on near shore humps.  Hard to keep the rock bass away.  Also caught a few bigger perch on deeper sides of the humps.  Fished drop shots, jerkbaits and top water and had success with all three presentations.

Overall we had an awesome time with these guys!  Thanks for the opportunity!


Joe TestaComment