Getting reacquainted with Lake George

We are back on Lake George and we're having a blast!  We have caught huge largemouth (maybe pushing 7lbs) and lots of quality smallmouths.  My brother and his family are with us this week from Italy - what a blessing it is to spend this time together!

Everything is shallow.  We are using mostly plastics.  Our best plastic has been either a Charlie Brewer Slider or a Z-Man tube on a 1/8th oz. Old Fart Lures jighead.  We are leaning heavily on Gamma Edge 8lb fluoro.  

The other detail that we've been super excited about is a new rod we have been using made by Favorite USA called the Summit.  The 6'10" Light spinning is one of the sweetest rods I have ever used.  Super sensitive and yet has the power to land big fish.  Check one out for yourself!

Overall, super encouraged about where the fishery is at!