Great Guide Trip on June 14 on Lake George

Fished with some really good fishermen and caught and released a pile of nice Lake George Smallmouth.  We had a front blow through the evening before, so it was a pleasant surprise to see how aggressive the smallmouth were.  Caught most of them off wind blown sections of islands and shoreline points.

Best bait so far this year has been a Z-Man TRD tube and a Old Fart Lures 1/8oz green pumpkin jighead.  One reason why these baits shine is because of their size...if you look at early season young of the year, they are small in size.  In addition to this, the crawfish on Lake George are small as well.  So the 2 3/4" plastics are perfect to match the forage on Lake G.

Water temps were 63-66 degrees.  Probably ended up with over 30 that were between 14-17".