Interesting morning on Lake George

Fished with Matt and Jackie this morning and had an interesting couple of hours fishing this morning.  We started out doing OK shallow, enough fish to keep us interested.  But as we worked more and more shoreline, we started to scratch our heads a little as to why we weren't getting more bites.  

It took me a minute or two to realize that we are starting to hit the transition between the shallow post spawn bite and the summer pattern.  So we moved off shore and fished a near shore hump and caught fish after fish - lots of variety of sizes.  Some smaller bass and some nicer ones.  The fish move off shore and we do better targeting them with jerkbaits and crankbaits.  

Weather has been cool and rainy and we should be further along at the point in the summer.  We were at 66-67 degrees, and as I looked back over a couple of seasons of reports, we usually are at around 70 by the end of June.  Key lesson today is that location is everything in fishing.  You can't catch fish that aren't there!