Shallow Water Bite Still Strong on Lake George

Everything is still up shallow on Lake G.  Had Sean and his dad, Craig, out yesterday and they did awesome.  We started out slow (my guess was from fishing areas others had pounded over the weekend).  Finally moved around and found some unpressured fish.  We fished topwater, tubes, centipedes, jerkbaits...caught fish on almost everything.  I would say that our strongest bait was still the TRD Tube - natural colors on a 1/6 - 1/8 oz jighead hopped slowly.

Great guys to take out - I have been really blessed to get such quality people on my boat!  Water temps were 66-67 degrees.  We are probably going to be a bit behind this year compared to the last couple of years.  Colder weather and a lot of rain are going to cool things down a bit.  Fishing seems to be unaffected though!

Great job guys!