FavoriteUSA's Summit will quickly become your #Favorite

The MSU Fishing Club signed on with Favorite USA this year and as their faculty advisor, I want to do everything I can to help promote the club.  I acquired two different spinning rods - the 6'2" M and a 6'10" L - and put them to the test.

We fished them in an MWT on Houghton Lake and they caught some hefty 'eyes - big enough for a top ten finish.  We put them in client's hands and watched monster fish come in the boat (all the photos were fish caught on Favorite rods).  We fished them all summer so far and have been impressed with their light weight blanks which provide incredible sensitivity and yet power to move and land big fish.

You won't find another rod on the market that weighs 2.2oz with the high quality components that these rods contain.  There's a reason why Favorite is making waves in the fishing industry - and if you buy one, it will quickly become your #favorite.