Lake George Bass Heats Up

Water temperature plays a large role in seasonal movement of fish, and this summer we are seeing the effects of how a cool summer affects where the fish are located.  We have had to be very creative in locating fish.  The big numbers of bigger smallies haven't showed up to their normal summer jaunts.

So we are thinking about where we normally find fish in the 2nd week of July and that is where the fish are right now.  We have had lots of 50+ fish trips, but we have had to work at it this summer.  Last summer, we caught 10-20 fish on every spot.

Hot baits have been the TRD and the Finesse worm by Z-man (drop shotted), the jigging rapala (really shines for smallmouth bass!), and the Ned Rig with a Z-man TRD tube.  We are starting to find some nicer fish (2-3lb smallies and 2-4lb largies).  Haven't had as much time to target lakers this summer.

Water temps are hovering around 73 degrees.  Best offshore structure is the stuff closest to shore at this point.  Weird summer - but that's fishing.  You can't catch fish if they aren't there - so get creative and keep moving until you find them!