Why attend Showspan's Grand Rapids Sports Show (and how to make the most of it!)?

Sports shows aren't just set up to get through the winter blues.  They are strategic venues where we get to explore hundreds of products and talk to pros who have made a living putting these products into action.  If a person is wise, he or she could get quite an education at one of these events.  Where else can you spend ten bucks and do all that you get to do, learn, and explore - all under one roof?  I would argue:  no where.

So how can you get the most out of this show?  

Make a list of the products you want more information about.  What products have you been researching to add to your arsenal, that you really need to see and touch before making the investment?

Here are some potential categories: 

Fishing rods and reels:  I'd have you check out Okuma's Ceymar, Helios SX series, RTX and Inspira series.  These are some of the lightest, highest quality, least expensive reels on the market today!

Electronics:  Stop by the Garmin booth and see the best electronics on the water.  I make a list of questions that I have and I love to run them by others who spend a lot of time on the water with these phenomenal products.

Tackle:  There are lots of companies out there that poor jig heads and craft skirted jigs, but none are as quality as Carl's creations with Old Fart Lures.  The proof is in the pudding - stop by OFL's booth and pick up what you need for your trip to the Detroit River this spring!

Stop by Al and Bob's at the show and pick up all the Lunker City's Fin S Minnows and colors you will need for your trip to the Detroit too!

Learning:  Sit under the tutledge of guys like Lance Valentine and learn how to slip the river with your trolling motor.  Details like boat control will change your catch rate on the Detroit this spring!

Boats:  You would never want to make a purchase like this without lots of time looking a boat over and talking to guys about what they like about the layout or design of a specific boat.  I had the chance to look at Skeeter's big water boats at the Novi Show and fully intend to find them at Grand Rapids as well!

So flip off the TV and spend a half hour preparing for the show.  It will help you to focus your time at the show and I believe it could propel you forward in your knowledge of the sport!  Hope to see you there!