Jigging Up Gold in Motor City: Terminal Tackle Necessities

The Detroit River is a world famous spring walleye destination.  But don't be fooled - just showing up doesn't equal success.  This river has been generous to many, but she's also been stingy as well.  Much of your success will come down to fishing the right areas with the right equipment.  Let's talk terminal tackle necessities.

1.  The right jig.  OFL's Detroit River jigs need to be your go to's.  I'd stock up on 3/4oz and 1 oz in antifreeze, citrus shad, and blue ice.  These jigs are designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of the river - power coated, ask Carl to upgrade hooks to the Mustad option, and all eyes cleared out to make retying easy.  Go to www.oldfartlures.com to put your order in or to find out what local shops stock his jigs.

2.  The right line.  Gamma's flavor of braid is called Torque - absolutely love it.  Go with 6 or 8lb options.  I like to go as light as possible.  The narrower diameter cuts through the current better to help you stay vertical. They have it in stock at www.tacklewarehouse.com!  Some guys swear by tying a fluoro leader onto their braid.  

3.  The right plastics.  Lunker City's Fin S minnow has put more of a hurt on the walleye population in Motown than any other plastic.  Their website and customer service make the buying process easy.  We like to use anything chartreuse, pink, and glow.

It never hurts to hire a guide as well who can teach you how to slip the river and develop some confidence.  I work with Bryan Buist who guides on the Detroit and we took him out last year and we had an absolute blast.  You can find out more about his charter business at www.2BCaught.com.

Success is in the details!  Fine tune the details and you will put more fish in the boat!!!