Best. Fishing. Ever.

Bite in northern Michigan from the opener until early this week has been off the charts.  We caught tons of walleyes (released the vast majority - kept enough for clients to have a meal or two).  Bass and pike fishing was incredible.  Biggest largemouth was at 5.15 lbs.  We also released a northern that was pushing 10 lbs.  The bluegill fishing was outstanding as well.

Did I mention how good the fishing was?  Heard through the grapevine that the mayflies popped this week, so now we are going to learn how to catch fish after fish have gorged on fish flies.

Other things we learned in the past couple of weeks:  found walleyes in 3 fow, downsized to 1.5" Charlie Brewer slider grubs and whooped up on fish, caught big gills on cranks, plastics, and flies in the same area, fell in love with the #4 rippin rap for gills and crappies, the list could go on and on.

Hope you had a great May!  Love thoughts on what you do when bugs are everywhere! Tight lines to ya!