Lake George Baby

Just finished up a couple of my first days of the summer on Lake George.  Hard transition between huge bug hatches and walleyes in Michigan and targeting big bass in the Adirondacks.  Awesome scenary.  Post spawn madness.  Definitely not fishing for the faint of heart!

This time of year has fish all over the place.  Water temps just at 62 degrees.  Seems warmer than normal.  Some fish up shallow - 5-7 fow.  But also found fish off the edge and off shore already.  Yesterday was a 100 fish day.  Today we caught fish early, but struggled shallow and then cracked the code and found them off shore.  Ended with a nice 3.14 lb largemouth - might have been only 18 or 19" long.

Really encouraged by the bite - lots of fish on TRD tubes, pink TRD's, jerbaits, and top water baits.  More to come!

Joe TestaComment