A different Lake George than last year

So I got here on Sunday and marked water temps in the 61-62 degree range - not all that different than a year ago.  However, the pattern on the lake is further along than last year.  We are catching some fish shallow, but it seems like a warm May may have moved the fish off shore already.


So what do you do when you show up to a lake and things are different than they were last year?  You go into explorer mode.  I started to look at the first place the fish move after they are finished up shallow - near shore humps.  And you know what - they were stacked up on those humps - especially those with bigger rocks and boulders rather than just a hard bottom area.


I have done really well on jerkbaits and top water baits on these spots - and the jigs have been working as well.   On Wednesday we pounded bigger than average smallies on a spot that I haven't really caught fish before.  Super fun to find fish in new areas, especially when you're trying to put a pattern together in your head.   So today, I'm heading out to try some new spots - anywhere where there's an offshore hump close to shore.  They might not all be full of fish - but they're worth a handful of casts.  If nothing happens, pick up and move!  Just thought I'd share that tip with you!  Hope it helps!

Joe TestaComment