Incredible Evening on Lake George

Last night we pounded the big smallmouth on Lake George.  And one of the coolest experiences was fishing a spot where we just shot a bunch of underwater video to better learn the structure. We went out with our Sondecam underwater camera the other day and got to see what the bottom looked like on one of the humps.

Last night when we fished that hump, it was full of really big smallmouth (and a few largemouth).  We caught them on Rapala's DT 10's and Shadow Rap Deeps.  Also caught some on TRD tubes.

What makes this hump so good is the size of the rocks on it - there are some boulders/chunk rock that are as wide as half my boat and 8 feet tall.  The fish use these huge rocks as ambush spots to feed.  More underwater footage to come.  Stay tuned!