Out of this world perch fishing on Lake George

We are on a mission this summer to learn as much as we can on Lake George.  We have expanded our range - searching new locations and resting different areas.  We are also bent on developing techniques for other species - like perch and lakers.

Yesterday we went out on a perch expedition and had a blast.  Caught some real tankers (always releasing the giants and keeping "eaters" for a meal).  Started with a jigging rap and caught some fish right away.  But then switched to a straight jigging spoon and pounded fish.  All the perch were belching up sculpin minnows.  Biggest perch were 12-13".  Lots in the 8-10" range.  Also caught and released some bonus smallies out in 50-60 fow.  Always crazy to catch smallmouth in that deep water.

Water temps went from 66-72 in the matter of days!  Always wonder if fast rising or falling water temps throw the fish off just a bit.  Probably they just become a little harder for us to find because of the shift in locations!

More to come!  Stay tuned!