One of the greatest learning moments of the last decade

So as we have been studying Lake George as a fishery the past seven summers, we have made some major breakthroughs.  However, none have been as big as this one.

This summer, while perch fishing, we saw fish belching up sculpins.  We already knew that the smallies were eating perch, but after seeing how many sculpins were in the lake, we wondered if sculpins were even more of a forage because of the way they relate to rocks.

Where am I going with this?  Last week, I purchased a bag of plastics that Robo worms makes and it's their sculpin imitation.  And we started to use them.  And they have consistently outproduced everything else we are throwing.

A case in point:  my six year old had one of those Robo worm sculpin patterns on yesterday and she out fished me like crazy!

Our next step in this investigation has been throwing hair jigs and specifically ones that imitate the color and size of the sculpin in this lake.  And the results have been very encouraging.

Love to try and put things together while on the really is a learning process and the more you learn the more successful you will be.  More to come on this as things unfold!