Summer Pattern in Full Swing = Incredible Fishing

We are in prime time summer pattern on Lake George.  Fish are in deep water and concentrated on off shore structure.

All kinds of presentations have been working for us on those structures:  hair jigs, drop shot, jigging spoons, and jigging raps.

It's pretty cool to see big largemouth showing up on these spots too!  We had an experience in the last week where we caught three largies that all weighed between 3 and 4 pounds.  This pattern will exist all the way through the end of the summer.  Water temps have solidly been in the 75 degree range for almost 3 weeks.

The key is finding where the fish are sitting - I use my Garmin GPSMap 7610 xsv all the time...Garmin's Lakevu HD ultra maps have been pivotal in my success on Lake George.  I would highly encourage you to take a look at these products if you are in the market for new electronics!

If you show up on a structure and you don't find fish, move to the next.  Eventually you will contact fish - please treat this resource with utmost respect!  Catch, photo, and release these babies...move to come on Lake George as we continue to fish it!