Super Impressed with Crest Resort on Houghton Lake

Had the opportunity to expose several clients this week to Crest Resort on Houghton Lake.  The resort is really top notch.  Cabins are clean and well maintained.  Everything looks updated.  They just built a new two bedroom that just opened this weekend.  Cary and Becky are incredibly hospitable.  They go out of their way to serve their guests.  Every resort needs to take lessons from them on how to run a resort.

There's a game room for kids.  A fish cleaning facility for fisherman - complete with a stainless counter, freezer for fish remains.  They've thought it through and did it right!  I had plans change a couple of times due to weather and they were super accommodating!  I know there's a lot of resorts on Houghton Lake, but there's a reason people are switching over to the Crest as their resort of choice.  I highly encourage you to give them a try.  You can see more at

Joe TestaComment