Learning how to fish Lake George: Jigging Lake Trout Presentations Part 2


So we started out in our last blog post talking about the basics of jigging Lake Trout: rods, reels, line, etc. Now we’re going to get into presentations. One of the keys to picking presentations is considering how deep you will be fishing. As a rule of thumb, I try and fish as light as possible for the depth I’m targeting.

Most of the summer, I’m fishing Lake Trout in 60-100 feet of water. Earlier in the season you can catch them up shallower; but by the time summer hits, they move out in search of bait and cooler water temps. So in order to get down to where the fish are, here are my top producers:

  1. 1 oz Old Fart Lures Jighead with a plastic. This has been my top producer by far. My two favorite colors of plastics is white and white. There are a ton of plastic options: 4-7” tubes, 4-5” fluke style baits, 4” paddletails. I prefer stuff that smells - Lakers love smell - that’s the reason many lake trout anglers tip with the gullet of cisco or perch.

  2. Jigging spoons. I have had a lot of success jigging 1oz Swedish Pimples over the years. I like anything that looks like a smelt (which is what they’re feeding on - more on this in later articles).

  3. Rippin Raps. Rapala #7 rippin raps can be a great option for vertical fishing for lakers.

  4. Jiggin Raps. Another great option for targeting deep fish is the Rapala jiggin rap. Again, I like the white/glow option in the #9 size (I believe that is a 7/8oz lure).

  5. Blade baits. Honestly, I have read more about others having success on a blade for lake trout. But I absolutely love the Sebile Vebrato and they make a heavy blade bait that weighs an ounce and this summer we are going to give them a solid try.

If you want to learn more, there’s no better way than to book a trip and have a hands on learning experience. In the next blog, we’re going to talk location. You can’t catch fish that aren’t there - location might be the most important detail when it comes to fishing!